2000 Volvo S40 Q&A

2000 Volvo S40 Question: Button on gear shift won't engage into park

The button on my gear shift started sticking...when this happens, it won't engage into park, so I cannot remove my keys. Luv my car. It only has 100,453 miles. What's going on? How much to repair? -
Answer 1
Look at the button and see if the plastic covering is coming apart. If it is, this is what is causing it to stick, and the gearshift know will need to be replaced. -
Comment 1
Thanks, Bret! Just inspected the knob and the plastic appears to be intact. However, there was a "sticky" substance on the button, so I cleaned it with Armor All. -
Comment 2
Hopefully that helps, just be careful with the Armor All, that could be making it sticky! Feel free to come back with questions, I worked for Volvo for a long time and like helping you Volvo drivers out there! -
Answer 2
mine sticks to from time to time. I spray a little graphite on the button and it frees it up. -
Answer 3
Had the same problem on mine, so I had a mechanic friend take apart the gearbox and clean it....works like a charm now. Problem was just sticky stuff like mentioned here so you should be able to clean it yourself. -