bushing on 2001 Toyota Camry

i have loud noise under car, sounds like a mac truck. I took it to a good garage, he road tested it, then put it up on lift, finally said it was the CONTROL ARM BUSHING on drivers side, to me sounds like its on both sides. would u help me on cost of repair and time to fix and in your opinion,does that sound right? thank u for your help marie

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Control arms are expensive, over $200 each. An independent shop may be able to do this cheaper, because the bushing can be replaced (but only with aftermarket parts, as Toyota only sells it the arms with the bushings). I bought the bushings for $40 per side and repaired it in an auto class. You only need a simple press (about $70 at Harbor Freight). Otherwise, expect about $200 labor per side.
thats good but a part number for the bushings would be very helpful.