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2000 Chevrolet S10 Question: Burnt out 2 fuel pump relays??

It started with 4-6 cranks befor it started, and then dad. the fuelgage every now and then jumps to empty and then back up. When cold it starts on first crank. Thanks -
Answer 1
Blazer?--- IF P/U what engine, 2.2 or 4.3? Need to know, save some guesswork. Trouble codes? -
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Check engine light on? -
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Yes is has bin. But driving jesterday it went off and has not come on since. It is a puzzle, and my third bracke-light is the only on working. -
Answer 2
poss electrical system that feeds fuel pump or actual pump and sending unit issues. seek diag and save time and MONEY -
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Is Fierstone a good place to take it with this problem? Thanks -