2004 Acura TSX Q&A

2004 Acura TSX Question: Burning oil

I have a 2004 TSX and it is burning oil. It does not smoke but it is down a quart every 400 miles. Anyone else have this problem? -
Answer 1
It may be leaking from a seal, I would not mess with this. 1 qt every 400 is way too much for this car. Go to a good shop and have them figure this out. -
Answer 2
I bought my acura tsx 04 in March 04 brand new. I was back at the dealer within 2K miles because the oil was down. My father is a fanatic and checks the oil every week. His toyota camry was 10 years old at the time and never, ever needed oil. I did multiple oil consumption tests---always the same thing--burning a quart of oil every 1000-1200 miles. Now I am burning approximately 2 quarts every 1k miles--that's 4-5 quarts replacement during oil changes!!! I brought this to Acura Headquarters......they told me that 1 quart/ 1000 miles was considered normal, even with my brand new car--then the service manager tried to convince me that I drove the car too hard. I have 113,000 miles now, checking the oil every week, and still on the original clutch!! Acura could have taken ownership for this issue 8 years ago, given that it seems fairly common--they all pretended that no one had heard about it. My valvoline oil guys tell me that it's in the pistons/rings--very expensive to fix/rebuild the engine. Good luck---keep adding oil. I've been down 4 quarts at one time!!! -