Bump Noise in Rear. on 1997 Ford F-150

My 1997 F-150 271,500 mi.ment condition, makes a bump noise in the rear when turning right or left from level pavement onto a sudden hill at 5 mile an hour. Note: This winter I'm carrying 480 lbs. of sandbags. I never heard this sound last year. What should a technition be looking for when inspecting.

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I'd look to see if the suspension is hitting the stops because of maybe a weak springs or soft shocks, you are carrying enough weight to do that if the springs or shocks aren't good..
You are probably right. We had a mild winter and I haven't heard a noise without sandbags. Thanks.
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Super Mario Bros agree with super Bob, Might be weak or broken spring, but most likely need new shocks!

Super Mario Bros.