Buick Verano Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Buick Verano

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Buick Verano
$52 to $109
Buick Verano
$27 to $60
Buick Verano
$136 to $222
Buick Verano
$327 to $487
Buick Verano
$327 to $560

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I have P 235 45R 18 94H standard load m s Radio tubeless tires. There is a near by free air pump that stops when your tires reach the amount you set it for. How many PSI for these?

Can scratches be buffed out on this kind of car body? How? Who best to do it cheapest?

I usually carry two sets of car keys in case I lock one set in the car. I noticed this vehicle only came with one set of keys. Where and how do I get a complete duplicate second set?

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In cold temperatures, the insulation on the engine block heater cord can become damaged, allowing the wires to be exposed. Exposed wires increase the risk of electrical shock and personal injury if the cord is handled while it is plugged in. Dealers will replace the block heater cord to correct this concern. The new cord is rated for temperatures of -40C.

The driver's front air bag has a shorting bar which may intermittently contact the air bag terminals. This would cause the air bag to not function as designed in an accident. Dealers will replace the steering wheel air bag coil free of charge to resolve the problem.

The transmission shift cable adjuster may separate from the cable, causing the shifter to fail and the shift indicator to become inaccurate. Dealers will inspect and replace any affected transmission shift cable adjusters free of charge to resolve the concern.

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I love my Verano solid & comfortable it rides like a little luxury car gets 30 + MPG a great car for last 3 years. Loved interior dashboard and got On star system there is nice seat support plus car has four cylinders. Great on road trips very smooth on roads handles like a dream nice looking in & out its a great car.

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