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When the car brakes or takes off from a stop, we can here a fairly loud crack noise. I have already checked the axles, brake caliper pins, wheel bearings, struts and had it in at a transmission shop because I was afr...
My ignition quit and I had no brakes or power steering and my engine was going high throttle, I rear ended a car t...
steer or brake. It was like I was fighting the engine. I ran into the rear of someone. Then I was trying to get my car in neutral and I went to far and went into reverse, then my car took off backward and I hit a tru...
gm dealer replaced compressor, recharge and checked for leaks, still cycling on and off rapidly, not staying on long enough to cool van, plus vent under drivers seat don't blowing out anything, vent near drivers door ...
I do you have a spare key pad, but it doesn't seem to be working.
I can't find the inflator hose anywhere on net. the pump works i think, but need the long hose. thx
b solenoid code p0758 no drive gear and no first gear
doors do not auto lock in drive and cruise control is not working
You recommend chnging transmision fluid every 30,000 miles. Owner's manual recommends every 100,000 unless used under harsh conditions.
My front brakes lock up when I press the brake pedal while driving forward. I can drive in reverse and use the brakes without any problem.
Vehicle has 121,000 miles on it. Local Oil change service company said CAM timing sensors were bad. No codes on then or now. They just thought that would be the fault. Took it to Buick dealer and replaced plugs and wi...
Followed manual instructions--assembly will not come free.