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My car keeps stalling randomly, and actually accelerates by idling by itself. My mechanic said it could be tied into the ABS module, so I'm looking to order the part. Problem is I need to know the computer module numb...
My car runs fine until it reaches operating temperature, then it quits running. I need to find out how get in there and see if the computer bad. It also has no spark after it stops, 10 to 15 minutes later it works aga...
the problem and how do i fix it? the blower motor is blowing but something is blocking the air flow. someone said my slim door isn>t opening. where is it located?
I stopped to get gas and when i got in to start my car it would not start so I took out the key and all my lights in the car started going off. When I got it jumped it wouldnt start with the key in it but when I took...
i am trying bto change bad starter
I am trying to replace the front brakes but can't get the calipers off what tool does it take to get the 2 bolts out?
Heater is not working how do I get to it to investigate problem
i changed the fuel pump plugs and wires, and pcv valve
how do you change the spark plugs on 92 buick skylark
how do i remove the transmission
I bought a 1992 Buick Skylark about a week ago. It had mold all over the interior and water on the driver side floorboards front and back. I had it cleaned and fogged. The water on the floorboards was gone but remaine...
Can you add just regular brakes without the ABS. Or do I have to get the ABS Master Cylinder and other parts that goes with it. I just put a new ABS Master Cylinder onto my baby, its still not working correctly.
How hard is it to replace the radiator in this vehicle.