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Have replaced the ignition switch and security wire on a vehicle we purchased which had no key. The dash gauges light up but the starter does not engage when the key is turned...nothing happens. Any idea what else I c...
Driver door blows warm air while others are cool in a/c mode. Just opposite in heat mode.What component causes this and where is it located? Is there a diagnostic available from a dealer to identify the problem?
My car makes a grinding sound, then the check engine light comes on but it doesn't stay on for long and the grinding sound stops.
my fuel pump started humming while driving and car did not want to accelerate here and then and then fuel pump died put a used one in and would not turn on and no fuel pressure and then got another used one and it don...
can i get a supercharger images of parts on 1995 buick
My 1995 buick riviera is leaking fuel I can noot find out where from. The only thing I do know is that it is by the belt and maybe behind the engine. I can not see any fuel lines in that area but it is leaking alot so...
fuel line needs to be replaced. I know they no longer make them but is there a compatible part? Surely these aren't meant to be disposable cars!