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It is like getting hit in the rear from a car going 5mph
it almost felt like I was hit in the rear. It only does it once in a while
On 4/24/15 i had a front driver's side strutt replaced and now the BrakeLight/Beeper stays on.Very annoying won't turn off what can it be? We filled the brakefluid container and had it on computer but it didn't regist...
the brakes release when neutral or drive selected
My car has been accelerating when i drive. I let the gas pedal go and the car keeps going and it picks up speed as if I'm pushing the pedal. I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they can't find the problem.It also looks...
I need a tranny can buy a 2006 transmission off a another broken one but don't noif it'll fit/work? Thx.
when i put car in park if the doors dont unlock then car wont crank over when restarted. also when this happens the little light under the p and n dont light up when shifting gears
My car dings at me when i hit the lock button and requires me to hit the same button again before locking. Its almost as if it is telling me something is left on but i cant find anything left on.
Was having no problem, stopped at a store & shopped, drove to grocery and attempted to turn off vehicle and key would not turn at all. Vehicle could not be turned off. I tried everything and finally drove it home whe...
When it is hot outside my car will not start. When I turn the key in the morning or late evening the car starts as if nothing is wrong. However, when it is hot outside it does not say anything, all of the gadgets are ...
The air condition cools & the recycle button lights up but ther is no difference in air force
Have replaced all four tires