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All possible causes
It will charge battery when driven for a while is it alternator again
In a recent collision at which point my AWD disabled light came on. Repair center says that it was triggered due to a bad calibration sensor. Since there was no damage to the outer housing unit, the insurance won't ...
Dash lights dimmed then went out. Car quit and could not turn the wheel or restart.
My car gas tank got messed up n i cant find it anywhere.please help
The trans shifter cable broke, Replaced with a new OEM from Buick dealer. Everything seemed fine except now Park does not hold.
My 2003 Rendezvous CXL rear latch gate won't open not even with the remote. All the other door open with the remote.I have no inside latch opener.Took the trim off thought it was the motor becaus I could not hear any ...
First its not my car am doing it to help sone good people. De to lack of funds we have had to.wait about.three months for.them to get the last few gaskets.( i conpletely tire this thing down it was a sheared cam shaft...
P0453 code. No start but cranks. how do I checkfaulty fuel tank pressure sensor, open harness,or sure did or poor electrical connection. Brand new battery from AAA
Ac was on high working fine and then it just quit like someone turned the power off the lights went out only on the heater control blower wont work nothing but everything else works
Would that be passenger side or drivers side.
When I put gas in the tank the gas gauge goes all the way to full and it is not reading the gallons right it does this every time now I am worried all the time I'm running out of gas