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had dye show up in hvac sercice port. do i need to change this.
the woman that ownes it said the last owner told her the compresser had a hole in it.i was getting ready to do the dye check and noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in.any one else run in to this.
My key fob battey low light will come on when i just bought a new battery, my car will say service engin soon nd just start dinging. everything in the car will lock up. Is there a way tofix this?
also, my abs and traction off lights are on. most of the time the brakes seem to operate normally, but the lights remain on. Pads are new, and the rotors look good.
How do I remove and replace the water pump?
How do I change the coil springs on 2002 Buick Rendevous and also the master cylinder.
Sometimes my anti-lock brake light comes on, as well as the AWD light
Ehow just says remove caliper to pull off rotor. Do I have to remove caliper mounting bracket also?
it started about a week ago, as i was driving i heard a sound coming from the engine i pulled over to realize my belt was shredded. It has happened already three times while i been driving. I dont know if its the pull...
I'm not having a problem but I have about 78,000 miles and I'm thinking of driving to florida in the spring. Also, gas mileage doesn't seem great. Thanks!!
I have a Rendezvous with 95,000 miles on it. If I pay to have the head gasket replaced along with the 100,000 work done at the same time, 1.) will the engine last another 100,000 miles? 2.) Can I drive it once a ye...
I am looking at buying a 2002 buick rendezvous, with 113,000 miles on it, when i was test driving it, the dealer told me to go and drive it good and feel the awd at work, well,,, when i did the awd disconnected light ...
I have a Buick Rendevouz, the brake light and chime comes on after driving for a while, shut the car off and it clears. Start driving again and later it comes back on. Brake fluid level is good, parking brake is relea...
can anyone tell me the location of the driver front air bag module?
engine slowed down on 55mph freeway drive-stopped\start ignition-accellarate but car wont move though rpm goes up