2002 Buick Rendezvous Questions

Answered 2002 Buick Rendezvous Questions

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ABS & AWD disabled lights are on. Scanned at oreilly and it read right front wheel speed sensor was bad. I want to verify this before I replace the sensor. Is there a procedure I can run through.
where is fuse for taillights I can not find in owners manual
The cap is cool if you touch it but there's no overflow from the cap but the over flow is full
i changed it from a transponder to a bypass due to losing the keys. There was nothing wrong with it from the beginning.
Back up lights don't come on, I can't find a fuse for it
I purchased a used air pump had it installed and 24 hours later my check engine light still came on is there anything else I can do besides purchasing a brand new air pump
What car parts do I buy and install to keep the Battery in place? I discovered my battery moved next to the starter and was rubbing against the belt while car engine was running!
new thermostat,water pump,hoses,radiator is fine,flushed every-thing out.still runs hot.don't dare to drive it.read on google about others having the same problems with this model