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What keeps causing my MAF to fail or trip the check engine light? I have replaced it 2 times in 4 months.
When I start my car, sometime the antilock brake/service engine now and traction control off lights pop up, i turn off the engine and restart it goes out, then pops up again every once in awhile, can some tell me why...
Car shaking really bad in the front as you drive it. Not to mention it keeps cutting off as you driving it. However, it start right back up.
when its not working the light that usually has a the tempature on it is black like it has no power. then randomly the light comes on and works until i cut the car off. i've checked all the fuses still same problem. h...
When I turn on heat engine runs ruff and the ac compress makes a clattering noise
I inherited the car from my folks. Engine/transmission/brakes/suspension all ok...just some little things I have no idea where to start on. AC works on Max High...sometimes. It will suddenly come on and then if you...
Sometimes if I shut the car off the switch resets which is extremely inconvenient on the highway.
A/c comes on by its self and blows hotbair
while driving it felt like trans was slipping wen i reversed n put it back inyo drive it did not move nut i put it in first gear n it movef
my service engine soon light is on, also trac light. It just came on yesterday what should I do.
I just had a bearing replaced and it's now sounding a lot more pronounced.
im replacing power steering pump there was an attached wire to the resevoir i snapped it ... now what do i do
My 01 Regal LS started hitching when accelerating a couple months back. Then, last week it just revved out of sight to 5k all on its own. I replaced the tps, now the thing won't start. Any ideas what it could be? Help...