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when I try to run my heat and I think it is up by the driver's side under the windshield, any clues!!?
Car cranks, runs great and smooth. Drive a couple miles then it will skip, race up/down, cut off. Fuel filter was dirty, thought that was it. Still doing bit. Please help!!
won't come up. I am not sure how to get to it without damaging the door irreparably.
I have a 2002 Buick Regal LS. I replaced the knock sensor (slow response)to get rid of the engine light and that didn't fix the problem. No 5v at the harness side connector. Not going to ground. My question is wha...
Relacing the coolant bypass elbows and the one ontop went past the stoppong point so it was lose and had pkay. Tried to back it out and it snapped at the elbow. Anyone know how to get this peice out?
Im replacing my water pump and its almost out but the pully on the ps pump is blocking it. Whats the best and easiest way to get it out.
Changing my water pump and cannot locate drain plug for coolant. I have seen you can use lower rad hose but then you dont get control of the flow for emptying the drain pan. If someone can let me know that would be a...
I have a 2001 regal ls. Last few days the car has been making a grinding sound by the belt assembly while at idle to about 2000rpm. Last night I checked to see if anything has changed and there is now oil spattered in...
car will not slow for normal driving engine running way too fast have to hold the brake to keep from losing control of car.
A customer brought us a used car that had a lot of electrical problems. after inspection we determined that it was the ECM located underneath on the driver side. There were a lot of splices that apparently was to a pr...
am having trouble getting the key to shut off completely. not sure if this is the diagnostic code or not but has this number by the part listing....12568203