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After starting it and letting it run for about a min. I go ahead and put it into gear from park and it shuts off immediately.
I replaced the plugs due to fouling of fuel from tryingto start it. I also replaced the crank position sensor thinking that it was not signaling correctly. I justnow installed a TPS. Still starts and runs smoth when c...
Had new water pump & thermostat installed. Also new double platinum spark plugs & wires at same time. Now radio reads LOC, check engine soon light is on, backfire like noise when I start it ( not superloud though) , s...
please help me what i need to fix
power window motors and regulators seem to work fine,up and down perfect but if you leave them down over nite you have to jump power to the motors to get them back up.switch is glowing on drivers side makes a clicking...
to be able to turn of that light or please tell me how to turn it off or how to remove it to turn it off thakyou for your help
the service engine light came beck on so now what i need to do
I had a leak in my radiator and so I replaced my radiator with new one and new coolant,2 days later water pump went bad and so drained coolant and replaced h20 pump and had coolant level sensor light on after h20 pump...
constant misfire but it still runs and drives but gets horrible gas mileage... help? how to diagnose i think it maybe a blown headgasket around it or possibly melted ignition? if you have had this problem or can throw...
Car overheat even after changing water pump and termostat LP
misfires occur when climbing hills, when rpms approach 3000 and especially after driving for 30 minutes.
i installed cv shaft on that side but still shakes please help me
what would the cost be to replace the intermediate steering shaft
when accelerated to hight speed it loose almost all power is hard to pass other cars on the freeway i don't know what to do please help
when you back up and turn wheel to left there is a scrubbing in front end somewhere.