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Was told about a tutorial on you tube showing how to "rock the engine"????
Tried playing with controls switching from AC TO HEAT, in creasing fan speed etc. After car warms up after 5 or 10 miles driving - fan starts working fine - both ac and heat. doesn't do this when its warm outside - ...
I tried testing, checking fuses which is good, use starter fluid, the car starts then keeps shutting off, also took the filter off, blowed the lines, the fuel pump still not pumping gas from the tank.
ive cleaned the fuse box best i can. hard to take out. water may have leaked in there when windo was open. ive checked other connections near the abs stuff under the hood
As i said above but when i say flopr i mean push the as pedal all the way down, than it goes in reverse very slow with loud reving sounds. My gears seem to lag when driving in drive, not often tho. I don't know if the...
lights work when manually used and blower also works on seperate power source
I'm replacing the switch and need to know the procedure before I start. Thanks.
and i had this problem three times and had to replace the power steering pump three times.
sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont, once you get it started the anti-lock light comes on and want go off and you can't put it in gear
I started the car and all the lights on the dash board came on, but the anti-lock light stays on then I can't put it in gear, the horn blow and the lights come on, or once i turn it off it want turn back on nor make a...
head lights won,t go off when car is running in park
the car was sputtering a little but then started to run fine went into store and car wouldn't start acted like i was out of gas got three gallonns of gas so could make it to gas station tried to start car and it only...
98 Buick Regal, 1st sign of trouble was when I used turn signal. Light on dash would come on,,ie. airbag, brake, ect. Next when I hit turn signal, speed odo went crazy and traction control off light came on. The next ...