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Recently replaced all brake pads and rear rotors and calipers. The work was done by a trusted mechanic with 30 years experience (family member) he says my tires need aligned, tire shop says they don't.?? Another frien...
already replaced idle control valve and it still not idling correctly
I replaced the thermostat and put engine back together. Since then the car idles rough. I think I need to do a tune up and replace the pcv valve and the help tube. Do you have any further suggestions?
this has started recently,it happens when ever the car is started,they are staying off longer now
Cuts out when accelerating,idles rough somtimes,other times its smooth,it acts like the fuel filter already changed,there was a loud whistle noise coming from the air intake and its beena good car
the front signal does not work
if i put the pedal to the floor it kicks in again idles great but when comes out of first gear it just gois flat with no power at all til i punch it and it kicks in and again like its starving for fuel ran diegnostic ...
This pproblem has happened several times from a parked position. Attempting to move the car makes it jerk and the low traction light goes off and on and the brakes fail. Very scary!
No other problems in moving to any other gears after getting it out of park.
what more can I say the driver side window wont roll down but the rest of the windows do