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I have a tremendous loss of power and it also doesn't like to start right away
The light came on and when I press on the gas the car starts to shaks. How do I know whats wrong with it
The security light is constantly on and I only have one set of chip keys. The doors are unlocked but will not open. Currently the battery is dead and I boosted it and let it run for an hour after I had AMA come and ...
Tried to restart the car turned the key on an absolutely no power to anything. No instrument lights nothing when the key is on. I am puzzled and not sure what to check or look for. Can someone please give me some sugg...
car just started to turn off while making a left or right turn, turn key off then restart turns on and might not do the same a week or so later.
This Buick randomly decides when it does and does not want to start. It seems to be getting spark. it gets fuel, I tested that by pushing the pin on the fuel rail. It does it spiratically and there doesn't seem to be ...
Was having to geta a jump start quirt frequqently now will turn aver and start put wont stay started
Scanner shows a code for fuel tank pressure sensor, causing a check engine light.
and now the starter stays rotating weather the engine is running or not I have to disconnect the negative to get the armature to stop spinning. The solenoid function like it should so I figure that some how there is ...
engine starts and runs good when cold but after about an hour or more of drive time it WILL (upon restarting) run rough, chug, almost likes it out of fuel. it only does this when its at normal operating temps.
96 buick regal 3.8 liter fuel line leaks v6 engine
I recently replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter in my 96 buick regal. Now when the car gets to a normal but hot condition it runs rough or wont restart until it cools down. Could something else be wrong with my car?...
I need to replace my turn signal switch is it a part I can get through a parts dealer or is it strictly manufacturer?