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This is a constant issue for the past 6 months. It happens under different situations. Ideling, driving slow, on highway, cold, warm. it doesn't seem to be consistent with any particular condition. New battery. Altern...
The part is BWD S4078 Transmisor/Transmetteur sender
My car has 120,000 miles on it and I've just started noticing a problem. My mechanic told me @ 6 months ago it would need to be replaced soon.
I am just looking for a ball park selling price for this vehicle. Less than 100,000 miles, engine seems fine, some undercarriage rust, break lines need replacing, transmission is toast.
"Check engine soon" light comes on. Engine stalls while driving offroad or on highway often. Engine sometimes will not start right away.
When I lower the window about 2 inches, it drops down inside the door. If I lift it back into place and push the window UP button, it will stay up and in place.
my air compressor is frozen/where can I find a used one?
I have a 1994 Buick Olds Royale 88. I replaced the catalytic converter, now when I start the car it gets red hot. Did I replace it wrong? How would I install the catalytic converter?
Window brake light works, but not the taillights brake lights. I checked all the fuses, the bulbs and changed the brake switch. I even switched the wire leads on the switch and that didn't do anything. I'm stumped! ...
Turn key to start will not turnover will not show battery power but will work in acessary position
I have found that the rear frame on pass. side is badly rusted and the supention will have nothing to hold it soon,is there a way to replace the frame on the rear?