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recently started riding very stiff on the back. had checked at two dealerships . one thought might be wrong shock. the other said compressor was not working. don't know what to do next. whats wrong ?
Water fills the area holding the electronic components under the back seat, where the spare tire is in the trunk as well as soaks the floor mats on the driver's side both front and back.
It will go anywhere from empty, to full, and everywhere in between, no matter how much fuel I have in the tank. My question is; what is the cause of this, and how can I get this problem fixed? Also was there ever a re...
after means 5 seconds. Already replaced IAC valve and cleaned throttle body but possibly some internal areas that the cleaner cannot access. Wires appear intact. Computer new & flashed by buick. Other new senso...
sometimes it will come back to bright but most of time is dim(with lights on!)
This is the third time the failure has occurred. Last two times the system came on when I crossed a RR track or I hit the dash. However this time, no such luck. Fuses are tight.
Or is it best to leave this to a auto repair shop?
the car has a anew fuel filter, and a tune up. gas is getting to the engine so its not the fuel pump. it starts good it just cuts off please help asap
it has had a tune up and i tried gry gas, and it has oil.
I am not able to turn the key & start the car. It's parked on an incline w/ the wheel turned.