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only if it idle or you not running fast enough to keep it cool or starting and stopping frequently other than that it change gears smoothly
It happens every time you run the car even with the heater/ or air on.
It was checked by a mechanic and they claimed it was coming in under the hood next to the windshield. they claimed to have fixed it, but it still leaks in.
the washer fluid is not dispensing any fluid onto the window
Just quit working. Their's no light or anything at all to indicate that somethings wrong it just does not work when you go to use it.
the rear doors will not lock with the switch on the drivers door.no sound can be heard when using the switch on the rear door.
Car stumbles, like a hard shift, and then goes on. If idling, rpm goes down, up, and back to normal. Could stall. It has new plugs & wires & fuel filter. If I plot the output of the maf with a scan tool, it goes a...
While driving the car - 60 mph or 30 mph the engine with go off....pull over to shoulder, put in park and cranks right back up - Why? We have no pattern to it. Could be 1x a day or 10x a day....does seem to happen m...
Car cuts off - pull over on shoulder - put in park and re-crank fine and take off. Could be 1 time a day or 5 times a day. do mostly local driving under 45 miles an hour. But happens on interstate, local roads, goi...