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This problem started a month ago. It will cruise fine at 75, but accelerating to cruising speed, it feels like only 5 cylinders are hitting. The vacuum gauge reads a steady 20 at idle. Since it started missing, I've d...
there is no oil leakage shown on engine, none on floor where is it going? does it matter what kind of oil I use? I am using ams oil
I have to disconnect battery cable. Will this damage the car further?
it grabs at low speed on dry or snow.
what happens when your abs volt trac comes on and your car shuts off and dies?
no codes come up has spark & compression seem s to be flooding out, was running perfect,did it jump timming? Just will not start..
and now my car wont start, CHANGED ignition mudule, all three cores new spark plugs and wires, new battary, rebuilt my alternator, fuel is coming thruogh,every thing has a spark fuel injectors all fire up what else is...
sensor codes also air ride has the rear suspension all the way up.have replace the cat, the O2 sensors, plugs, wires coil packs, ignition mod, EGR valve, intake gaskets, fuel filter, serviced tranny... at a loss.. whe...
I have looked under the seat and behind the driver back tire.
Tryiny to find out why ,everytime I use the remote to lock the doors or the door lock when the ignition is off ...I loose memory on the seat and the mirrors....Why..
comes on randomly cant see a specific cause
Where on the vehicle is it located and does it take a special tool to replace it?
Heater blower not operating