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I am getting a exp200 code on my dash and cannot find any info as to what this code means??
Code was PO 420 Bad 02 Sensor on bank 1 or bad catalytic converter. Have replaced the 02 sensor, catalytic converter, computer, knock sensor, and crank sensor. Car continues to intermittently cut off. May drive 4-5 ...
I checked the battery and alternator. But when I start the car I have to keep on the gas and when I try to get it out of park it will stall.
need to pass emission test mechanic charged me 750.00 light still on did smoke test insists that system wont reset because tranny clutch plates are worn. wants to rebuild trans
no power to door locks and windows
The car, when hot, has also backfired on occasion through the intake, when trying to start it, resulting in smoke coming from under the hood that has a rubber smell.
My ac doesn't get as cold as it should, and rear vents rarely work. I have been told that it may be the filter. Is that possible? Where is the filter located?
seems both these problems happened at same time