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in rainy or wet conditions. What is this issue due to?
I have a 2002 park avenue ultra with 187,000 miles on it. It started shifting hard after it gets warmed up. Especially between 2nd and 3rd gears. It feels exactly like If I were shifting with a manual valve body. When...
the engine data section shows the oil pressure goes from zero to 60 and contantly changes non stop
I decided to take a look at some things that woulx cause fuel in oil and throttle position came to mind and carbon build up in throttle so I took off air filter sleeve and noticed there was some coolant in sleeve so I...
My 02 park avenue seems to drive better while in drive oppose to idle..rough idle misses and fuel smell ...well I also have on board diagnostics either ..emmisions said its non existent Passed tailpipe test...but ins...
First my dic and gauges dont work check engine abs ect come on in the on position but go off after starting so I dug under dash to find obd unit is disconnected along with a jump which I assume is passlock bypass and...
After I start it it will rough idle for a bit and then stall.
The red light flashes when backing, but no other warning appears. How is this corrected? How much could it cost to repair?
The problem just started. We have been given an estimate of $1,300 to repair.
The light went off and on and now is off continually.
I got an estimate of around $900 to get everything done. Is this reasonable?