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Last week, I noticed my washer fluid was spraying straight up into the hood. I went and reattached the hose to where the fluid was coming out, now all I hear is the motor, and no fluid hits the windshield. Please no...
My buick heater works great around town, but when I am on the freeway, it does not blow enough heat, even when I turn the temp up high. sometimes A small amount of heat comes from the center bottom, but cool air blow...
come on randomly afetr 3 to 10 minutes. The car seems to perform fine, but the idiot ligts do come on randomly. after I turn the ignition off and later drive agina the ligths are off for a while then come back on. is ...
will fuses make the rear window defost work
in the winter when i put on the rear window defrost it won't work and ice form in the inside of the window
easy access to the fuel pump without taking down the fuel tank
the fuel pump is gone need to replace it need a diagram for it thank you
where is the shift control solenoid located?
I replaced the Mass Air Sensor. How do I reset the service engin light?
my car has over 134k miles and for the past 4 years has had one problem after another. is it time to put her to rest? body is in bad shape as is the interior. what is high mileage for this car?
The split AC (passenger & driver) will only cool the passenger side. The drivers side gets some air, but not cold like the passenger. Is there just a damper stuck that I can free? If so where would it be?
While driving at low speeds and when stopping in traffic or at intersections my car will just die. The RPM gauge will hoover at 500 then drop like a rock. Sometimes, it will almost die, then lurch forward sometimes ...
at what rpm does the trans shift into od? my car is turning 2400rpm at 60mph.
The TRAC light on my 2001 Park Avenue was coming on whenever I hit a bump in the road. Soon after this started I had the rear shocks replaced. Since the shocks were replaced the TRAC light stays on constantly.