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I have run power directly to the compressor and found it works. I have swaped out parts I took off another PA that was scraped with a blown engine. I know that system worked and I took all the parts and wires except s...
I cannot determine if I am in drive/neutral etcs.... Also my trip gauge does not work.
I had a check engine light come on, and I found it was a vaccum leak, how much would it cost to fix?
Has always been difficult to go to "hi" beam (after about 3 to 6 trys). At this point, you can hear that the switch is being activated, but as soon as you let up on the activation lever (on steering column), the head...
the lock - unlock button has come loose and I need to get back in behind the door panel to resecure it
car shuts off while at stops sometimes and when driving its like it spits and sputters getting up to speed