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I cannot determine if I am in drive/neutral etcs.... Also my trip gauge does not work.
I got a new alternator a new battery and a new feul pump. And it still shuts off I dont know whats wrong. When im driving I try and press the gas but it acts like it doesnt want to switch gears then it stalls and cuts...
The code i got was p0101, changed mass air flow and still reads same code.
started 3 days ago. some hesitation when going from stop to acceleration. Now will not pull in drive at all,but runs ok in 2&1 gear. transmission fluid OK
just aquired had no key so had dealer make me on, went home to program and the security light is on the whole time and wont do nothing
Actuator on passenger side is ok as it was checked. What could be the problem?
i was driving to the store got out and went in the store came back out to leave and it went into reverse and i tried to pu it in drive and it wouldnt shift in drive at all .
squick sound when the car is running slow about to stop
There's no oil on the ground, just in the motor.
It was working well before I took it to a shop for an analysis of the "service engine soon" light. Could they have caused the problem during their evaluation? Later I took it in again and they said the instrument clus...
i have a 2000 buick park avenue that shuts off going 50 mph then will not let me restart it until i drain the battery and get a jump start when trying to restart it starts for a second and shuts off like the security...
Recall issued for fuel regulator. "On certain passenger vehicles equipped with 3800 V6 engines and certain Delphi fuel pressure regulators, the regulators have a much higher than usual rate of fuel leaks. A leak can ...
Turn signal and brake light works fine. New bulbs. Plugged right side harness into left side to test it and it worked perfect.