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Every now and then after first start driving every light on the car, head lights and interer, will flicker bright and dim. at the same time the car jerks. even with the gas peddle pressed to the floor it will jerk and...
At times, I find a small puddle of water (it's definitely not coolant, oil, or any other liquid like that) that's dripped from the undercarriage of my car. Also, for the past couple of days, I noticed that my coolant ...
The problem occurs on every hill. Took Buick to several mechanics and got several different solutions. From computer problems to transmission/tork converter. But know one was really sure.
bought new climate control unit still wont work,what else could it be
Is it located under the hood on the firewall or inside the car??
last year no ac on drivers side. now no ac.
lights and tail lights running lights will not go off, have to jump everytime i get in.
it may blow heat shut car off come back start car and it may blow heat or it may blow cold air
I have run power directly to the compressor and found it works. I have swaped out parts I took off another PA that was scraped with a blown engine. I know that system worked and I took all the parts and wires except s...
74000 miles, tires have 30,000 on them, still good tread.