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Need help with how to diagnose electrical problem with DIC readings, temp guage airbag lite, but cluster checks out ok.
coolant level keeps coming up low when it is full temp. normal could it be the sending unit in the reservoir
cold air on passenger side when it should hot
When the horn is actuated with horn pad or panic button,it won't shut off without restarting car or pulling the relay. The relay can then be reinserted and horn does not blow until the horn pad is actuated again. p...
Driver side blow out cold,other blow out hot air when i have the heat on.
After the car starts and dies it will start back but will not keep idling, the shop can not find the problem. Will the injectors cause this to happen? They have checked all the normal things that could cause this to h...
when waiting to make a turn or waiting for a stop light. The lurching forward is sporadic but the engine does need to reach a certain temp before its starts with the lurching forward. the engine light has not come as ...
Driver's door handle doesn't work. I have attempted to remove the door panel in order to see what the problem may be. I am unable to remove the plastic retainer and clip. I have tried a screwdriver, needle nose pli...
it feels like the car is going to fall apart when putting on the brakesfrom high way speeds it shimmy and shakes so bad it gets hard to handle it has new airshock on it too
Car did not start on two trys, then starting on third and fourth.