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My car is a 94 Buick parkavenue Series one 3.8 ltr v6 173,000 miles
can I use a 1994 buick lesabre emc computer to replace the emc computer in 1994 buick park ave
I was in New York City and after been in a traffic jam I loss my gas power I use to press the gas pader and the car wont go faster than 20 miles why is that?
My power steering pump went out and my car was down for about 3 weeks and now my a/c compressor will not kick on and its just blowing hot air. It was working fine before it was down.
the interior lights wont come on
This is been going on for awhile and all of sudden just stopped working. It is still operable with remote opening and closing.
My electric door locks & the electric fuel door quit working at the same time. I checked the fuses under the hood & under the driver side dash. They are all OK. Is there something in common for these two things? Any I...
can i disconnect the traction control system on my car?
when i shift from d to r it locks in park.then i have to fiddle w/ it a little and finally get reverse.cable and linkage seem to be fine.