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The car has been running and should be at temperature, but it only shows 150 degrees or so. SORT of cold/warm. Could my heater core be clogged or what?
Electric antenna works fine. Delco am/fm cassett player. Where should I start?
It will even pop open when I pass reverse, putting it in park for example. I got home by reversing, placing the car in neutral, putting on the e-brake, shutting the trunk and then driving home. It popped open again wh...
I have nothing blowing inside the car. I hear the compressor kicking in but no air inside vehicle. It started about 2 months ago.
I tested the inition module and the coils but this is ok I want to check the crank position sensor but I dont know how i can do it
What is the removal procedure order when replacing the rear exhaust manifold?
I cut a hose clamp off of the metal transmission return coolant line and it put a hole in the line. I need to know if that line connects to the outside of the transmission, or do I need to take the transmission out to...
this is the first time this has happen Im currently in process of servicing engine for everday use. all lights are on and bright in dash battery is new and it was starting fine since last night.
It happens every week or two. It has been doing this for about 9 months, since I bought it. The check engine light does NOT come on. After 20 to 30 minutes it finally does. When this happens, it starts and idles rea...
I have replaced the air compressor the orifice tube and the dryer. I had air for about 3 weeks now it is barely cool. I get cool air on the driver side and warm air on the passenger side what is the problem. Check t...
We did this with the switch but now it won't close. I looked at it up close and it seems that there are 2 arms connecting window to roof. One of them is no longer connected. Before I start taking it apart I would like...
How do you replace the radiator
Ok my 92 park ave doesn't have the lower break lights I don't know why I've changed the break. Controler behind the duct on the firewall both switches above the pedal any other suggestions are welcome.
What are the symtoms of a bad module?