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It has spark, is getting gas, and has compression. It seems like the spark isnt going in the correct order. Could it be an electrical issue of some sort or would it have to do with the timing chain
The lights come on but engine will not turn over. If I cross at the silenoid the car will start. What is the most common cause of the car engine not cranking/running.
I can tell the shock is bad due to a loud thump when I hit a dip in road...im taking a trip that's about 600 miles (hiway)will it do a lot of damage to the car if I cant get it fixed before the trip? im getting quotes...
I was griving my bi ick home from work. I stoped at a stop sign and when I took off again I hurd a weird noise and my car wouldnt shift from first to second. Stayed in first an when I got Home I went to back in my dri...
when you let go of the ignition it stalls. The Water pump did lock up and has been replaced. Since then the car will not start.
With out having to do a complete swap to make it rwd I want to keep it fwd
The rearend sags and occasionally drags the ground, Im pretty sure its a lack of air in the air shocks, but don't know how to air them up or if there are non air shocks that can be used
My car has slow acceleration it take about 100 feet then picks up speed as normal and i have a check engine light on. I have had many new parts replaced in this car including COMPETE brake syster water pump Crank shaf...
The car rides smooth once it's moving but you have to hit the gas really hard to get it moving.
Nothing in the HVAC system is working - no heat, no fan, no A/C. Have replaced A/C control unit in dash and then the passenger A/C control panel in door, but the system is just not responding. The panel (in center das...
My 1991 Buick Park Avenue cuts of after driving a few miles What could be the cause