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while driving it will blow really cool air for about an hour and then it starts blowing hot
The vehicle gets locked into park. After awhile, it will release. What causes this problem.
How to replace this mount?? its hitting the rack and pinion do i have to losen the rack or is there a trick to putting it in
why does my car cut off while im driving i got my crank sencor changed the modgel changed and new sparks plugs what can be the problem now
My car broke down and died about 4months ago and i thought the battery only died. Well i recently replace the battery and when i did i noticed a white residue where the water pump and alternator is. It will turn ove...
on a 1991 park avenue 4dr 3.8l
I just replaced the alternator 2 days ago, was going fine till this morning. The voltmeter on the car was staying around 9-10 for about 10 miles on the way home today. When I drove it a couple of miles earlier about ...
car runs fine . When I come to a stop it idles low and cut off. Also if i ride breaks and press on gas will this run my break system?