Car was towed and still at a Buick service to figure out problem. It has been 5 days.

I have to restart the car and low beam lights will come back on. It does not produce any faults and it doesn't matter if switch is in auto or Manuel mode. I have no low beams are there any recalls for this hazard. Thanks

Replaced batter, car turns over, but won't start.

Mirror was knocked but went back into mounts. Now itwon't adjust. Help.

The brake lights are staying on even when the brake pedal isn't engaged

I think it's a/c condensation but it seems like an awful lot

In the auto mode or manual mode the A/C fan will go to high and stay there but the temp will go from cold to barely cool and never reach desired temp. The other problem is the fan will cycle fast to slow. I sometimes hear adoor move under the dash. It doesn't do this every time. I have taken it to the GM dealer where I bought it but if it is not acting up there computer can't find a problem.

Sometimes--not often- they come on and work fine. Mostle they are so weak I just fade to the back speakers only. No pattern in when they do work. Nothing done to the car except oil changes for a long time. What's up ? Thanks.

also while driving just shuts down

I am afraid car will burn up?

Apparently my ac drain is leaking into my passenger side rear floor board. Really a lot of water. Any ideas?