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What is the cause of all the controls including the mirror and the radio auto shutoff to not work on the drivers door?
The car was a one owner, fully serviced with 26 car.facts documentations traded back to the dealer where I bought it 8 months ago. I have already replaced the front door speakers, $550, front corner ball joint. $400,...
Customer has major issue with slight noise. There was binding in strut bearing replaced. Found a slight play in intermediate shaft and still a slight clunk. Where do I go from here rack??
i just got this car used and i dont know how well the tranny has been taken care of.
After I drive 60 - 80 miles at highway speeds my car surges, lunges and stalls. It will not restart for 20 - 30 minutes and then will drive without incident for the next 60 - 80 miles. I have OnStar and have requested...
My car has less then 60k and lately I have been getting many error messages.. Engine, tire pressure low, gas cap loose.. anybody else have the same problem.. PLEASE SO FAR ALL HAVE BEEN NOT ACCURATE...