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This sound is non-stop with door closed & quits when it is opened. Only the driver's door is affected. The car has been shut off for over 20 hours & is still buzzing when I open any door but driver's. Please help this...
does anybody know how long it takes to replace a bad injector valve for the secondary air system that puts air in the exhaust when the engine is first started, the valve is at the back off the engine (3.8) we found t...
the valve is not working right so i am getting it replaced, and wondering how long will this will take the mechanic we have the valve already so its just the time involved .
changed resistor and blower motor but fan still won't run
The radio light power light comes on but no sound comes out. I plugged my earphones up but still no sound. Do you know what could be the problem? Thank You
I am changing the alternator out and have to remove the radiator. I'm not sure which ones to remove or how to remove them.
I want to recharge the air conditioner. Where is the low port connection? I get the message to service the air conditioning. The air conditioner will not cool.
I always seem to break those plastic clips holding on the trim. Thanks in advance.
had buick dealership look at it and thats what they told me
How do I access the lumbar support device, motor runs but it no longer goes up and down? that was easy pull out on the bottom rear panel and slide panel down.
How do I remove the headlight assembly to replace the bulb [s]. 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL