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had buick dealership look at it and thats what they told me
2007 Lucern CXS, 86K miles. I am replacing the rear pads and rotors for the firs time since new, I am the original owner. Using a "C" clamp (as I have done on many vehicles)and an old brake pad, I find that the calipe...
Why would a front end sound like loose suspension, loose tie rods,loose sway bar, or just loose joints?
My 2007 Lucerne bhas 75,000 miles and I have never had a tune up. When should I have one done?
When this light comes on after ti has been found to not be a problem and the gas cap is ok what is the next step. Will I have to pay continually to have it switched off or can I just ignore it.
the door handle pulls out of the door when opened
i cant get rear caliper piston to push in. it actually moved out more. is there a trick? the front pads were no problem
The leveler in the back went up but will not go down. Can you let the air out.
We recently purchases a 2007 Buick Lucerne. After getting gas, the message for fixing the gas cap came on. My husband tightened the gas cap and then the check engine light came on and has stayed on for the last 2 week...
How do I access the lumbar support device, motor runs but it no longer goes up and down? that was easy pull out on the bottom rear panel and slide panel down.
I was quoted $300 dollars for Dexron VI at $11/ quart and filter at $50
How do I remove the headlight assembly to enable me to replace a bulb?
How do I remove the headlight assembly to replace the bulb [s]. 2007 Buick Lucerne CXL
popping sound when making a turn