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The radio light power light comes on but no sound comes out. I plugged my earphones up but still no sound. Do you know what could be the problem? Thank You
I am changing the alternator out and have to remove the radiator. I'm not sure which ones to remove or how to remove them.
that I needed a new oil pan gasket. It would be $20 for the gasket and Around $400 to install it. There is no oil on my garage floor or on the driveway. What do you think?
Twice I have gone to the dealer and both times they re-sealed the alloy wheels, yet I still have this problem. Can I put another style of rims on this car because this is extremely annoying?
I have what look like dried soap stains from a car wash on the hood. This occured son after the car was detailed
Seems like a scam to service the injectors when there is no indication of trouble. I got cliped for $300 at a dealer for this service at 24500 miles.
opened door & handle came out of the dood.
When the fan is turned on there is a high pitched squeal it changes frequency when i switch from panel to floor or defrost. it sounds like a leaf is hitting the fan blade or something.
I want to recharge the air conditioner. Where is the low port connection? I get the message to service the air conditioning. The air conditioner will not cool.
The rear cabin lights are on and I can't figure out how to turn them off, I read the entire manual and fiddled with all the buttons and gages and they are still on. I am afraid my batter will go dead since they stay...
my mechanic says the limk pins on stabilizer bar need replaced. but maybe shocks too.
I always seem to break those plastic clips holding on the trim. Thanks in advance.
Buick 2007 Lucrene 3.8 litter engine
had buick dealership look at it and thats what they told me
2007 Lucern CXS, 86K miles. I am replacing the rear pads and rotors for the firs time since new, I am the original owner. Using a "C" clamp (as I have done on many vehicles)and an old brake pad, I find that the calipe...