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my buick switch gears at the right time sometimes and it picks up speeed kinda slow sometimes
all electrical portion is working. Unable to remove inside panel to inspect lock mechanism. Is there anything I can check or do?
Brought to dealer, all electrical parts OK. Unable to remove inside panel to check lock mechanism.
2006 Buick Lucerne with 97000 miles. vehicle is well maintained and not abused. drove to work this morning, started to hear a grinding sound, then the vehicle stopped accelerating. shifted into neutral to pull onto a ...
upper engine moun I think needs replacement
My buick has a coolant leak which has had 3 different fixes done , water pump, plastic over flow tank, plastic elbow on heater pipe .....still leaks but only when engine has completly cooled down.
I hit a deer about a year ago. Ever since that time I get an exhaust smell in my vehicle if it is running but idle. I don't notice it once I am going down the road. Unfortunately this is not always consistent so eve...
How hard is it to replace?
my remote key starter will not work i took it to the buick place and they replace it with a new one and it work then two days ago it stop working why?
I was told the rear coolant leak was at the trans cover, engine needs to be picked out to replace. I had the engine mounts replaced in May 2009, could this have caused the leak since there are only 35 k miles on the c...