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I was told the rear coolant leak was at the trans cover, engine needs to be picked out to replace. I had the engine mounts replaced in May 2009, could this have caused the leak since there are only 35 k miles on the c...
Found a small leak in garage floor. Local Buick dealer says it is a coolant leak that requires the engine to be removed to replace a rear seal. car has just turned 35k miles this past week and out of warranty by a...
Dealer checked key fobs and they were working. Dealer Tried reprogramming, didn't work. Put computer on, told me to come back and put it in shop, something about module? Any cost ideas or suggestions?
I would like to disable the auto lock feature that kicks in when shifting out of Park OR driving 5 MPH. You can select either/or but dealer says, it can't be turned off. I hope someone has an after market option.
We replaced the C-V joint assembly, but my car still will not go into gear.
where is the location of the camshaft sensor
code p304...this code comes up everytime i drive the car for like 15 mins...i changed the coil,the spark plugs,fuel injector and still the same problem. how do i fix this?
How do you get the cap off of the lower end of the blade to repace it?
It appears there is a cap on the bottom end of the wiper blade. So how do I get that cap off?
door lock remote quit working
The AC is not a dual zone AC. Main controls control all vents, sides, ect. Only the drivers side vents blow cool air. Even with the two middle evnts on the dash, the drivers side middle is cool and the passenger si...
Where is the radiator drain petcock located and how do I get to it
where is the fuel filter located and when should it be changed
where is the fuel filter located and when does it nead changing
I am trying to determine the exact size of wrench that will fit the oil pan plug on my car. One 14mm socket fits it, but a 14mm open/closed end straight wrench is too large. What is correct?