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1st happened when in CA. no code set. had plugs, wires and fuel filter changed. no change. drove home to OR and had a misfire when accelerating up hills, entrance to freeway, etc. had shop check here in OR, couldn't f...
no help. no codes set. drove from ca to or and no problems when running at speed. occasional miss when giving it more gas to climb a hill.
Now car stalls and feel like it my die when driving what's the problem please help me
Heater was blowing cold air after 30 min of driving. It did not overheat, but temp was a bit higher than normal. Found that the coolant was low so added about 1/2 gal. Now the heater is blowing warm/hot air, and the t...
some times after a mile of driving it will go to high after the car is warm and the car is sped up