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I have noticed my transmission slips when I go uphill. I have noticed that the transmission is not down shifting and then it will begin to slip. Also my gas mileage has dropped from 24-25 mpg to 20-21 mpg. I have had ...
were is the gas line filter located
electric window does not operate
I would like detailed instructions on how to replace front brake pads.
My rear air shocks were checked and are fine, but are not being activated. What would keep them from being activated and filling with air? How much would it cost to fix this?
I was told I'd have to replace the fuel pump in order to replace the fuel level sensor. I have a late model 2001 Buick LeSabre Custom. Can anyone tell me if this is correct?
where is he ftp sensor located on 2001 buick?
where is the fuel tank pressure sensor
Recently recharged a/c system and have been getting cold air on the passenger side but not from the driver side. Checked for vacuum leaks but nothing apparent. Any suggestions?
I had driven my car about 20+ miles and was a half block from home when it suddenly misfired and at the same time the check engine light came on. I drove it home and have not driven it since. the light is still on. ...
My 2001 LeSabre is dead. changed battery. changed starter. completely dead. Not cranking just dead
Why is there no part no. for the o gasket in the fuel line that hooks to the metal fuel injector line at the manifold?
while drivining the car shift hard while driving. Then, while driving, at 70 mph the rpm went to 4 and it seem as though it wasn't shifting
I need a new spair tire...no wheel places have any...