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will start back up...sometimes quickly and sometimes it has to sit for a while...looks like exhaust manifold is spraying out some sort of vapor and friend says air compressor bearings are going out.no rear suspension ...
PO717 trans shop removed trans and said torque converter damaged trans requiring $2400 rebuild.How is this possible.I think bait and switch tactic is being used here
witch is the actuator that changes the vents ?
car starts after a few hours.
heater will come on then click and blow cold after a while it will blow hot again only on the driver side. Everything else seems to be wworking the fan the vents. The blinking started after the battery was looked at
Need to know estimate of cost for parts and labor to replace catalytic converter on 1999 Buick Lesabre
car runs fine, then shuts off. have to wait awhile then it restarts then it repeats this. Have taken it 3 diffrent places and every one says it checks
my daughters car has been have with starting the battery been replaced,the starter and the fuel pump it stalled the other day would restart but run vrary rough or itermittintly then fuel pump quite working so did powe...