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i use castrol edge 10w30 can any one tell me what the oil preasure should be at cold start up-at idle-at crusing speed after it is fully warmed up. the oil and filter is changed every 3,000 miles.
My mom has a 98 Buick LeSabre and in Oct '10 the head gasket went out so my mechanic replaced it. When we got it back, it ran fine for a short time and then it would stall while driving on occasion. Now it is almost...
what should the oil preasure be on cold start up and at cruising speed and at idle after the engine has warmed up. the engine has 97,000 miles and i use 10w30 castrol edge oil.
in the summer i can get heat and in the winter i get ac. doesn't blow out middle level vents, only upper and lower. lower vent hot on one side, cold on the other. what's up?
Turn the ignition and all the dashboard lights come on, but the engine won't turnover.
When going from stop to go fast front end skakes bad at wheels
Turn A/C on, compressor runs and so does fan- no air coming from vent. After short time air starts to flow and it gets cool. I suspect a slow acting air valve or deflector. Thanks
It just started knocking... i think i had too much oil in the car
Are there any one piece intake manifolds available for this engine.
No idiot lights. this sound is intermittent and can get very loud. Has nothing to do with how long it's been driven. Had intake manifold replaced by Buick dealer 4 yrs ago.
Car will turn over but won't start.. Recently the "Check Emissions " light came on but I ignored it thinking it may have an electrical short , I have some issues with the A/C, HEat, Defrost Modulel but that is another...
drove the car stopped for gas brought it home went out tried to start the car and it wouldnt start battery is fine everything works that way just replaced starter and still doesnt start
My check engine lights comes on and blinks about 18 to 20 times. What does that mean?
where is the oil pressure sending unit and how can i remove it.
2000 Buick Park Avenue, 3.8 liter, NOT supercharged. I pulled into my driveway, changed the oil and filter and added 4 quarts of oil. And just like that, the car wohn't start. I pulled the starter and it checked ou...