The car never said it was getting hot. Just started making a ratteling noise and shut off. After leaving it off for five minutes it registered half way hot. I refilled the water and it now had aluminum shavings floating on the water w a gas smell.

I have a 1998 Buick LeSabre Limited. After exstensive brake work;fixed broken brake lines,new master cylinder,front brake calibers...I cannot get any brake fluid through the right side,making my brakes pretty bad. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


the nexct day the car wouldnt checked fire getting fire to all the cyclinders

I am trying to remove the hood so I can replace it.

what woukld cause this

I located the brake light switch, i can not get these 2 parts off of the old brake light switch to put on the new one. One part is blue other is grey. I attempted to squeezen pull, pull ???

when i start it on cold mornings the idle goes way up to 2000 sometimes 3000 rpms and i just replaced it.

detail above

1998 Buick Le Sabre Limited 80,000 some miles.
Was told it could be les, or it could be more, because it is a very time consuming job !!

no fuel pressure,but has new fuel pump.

The bolts that hold my power steering pump apparently loosened over time and broke, and the power steering pump came off, which caused the serpentine belt to also come off. Nothing was broken except for the bolts so those were the only new part needed. I was charged about $420 just for labor, $490 altogether with the new bolts. Am I being ripped off?

Having oil pressure issue with knocking and no oil in the heads.

the service light is on i had a scan ran and it gave a p0140 code

It starts and stops.Was told it was the air shocks so I replaced them, now I am told There is leaks in my air shock hose. If I replace the hose will this start and stop motor sound stop? Im told that it is just trying to level the air in shocks but because of leak it cant do it !