I already replaced the intake manifold gaskets. I don't see any leaks or smoke and it runs fine. The engine sounds great, but recently was down 3 quarts of oil

It started fine but after I turned it off, it would not start again it acts like its out of gas, there is a quarter of a tank of gas in it.

At 45mph or at 3000RPMs the RPMs skyrocket and it goes out of gear or loses forward power. The fluid levels are good in the trans. What is going on?

For a few months every once in a while my cars gear shifter would be hard a bit to shift out of park.... but now a all it keeps doing is staying in park n I cant get it out of park now....

when the gauge shows 1/4 full; the Buick is actually out of gas.

When I am driving , the car is fine, but when you slow down and put on brakes to stop at an stop light it loses gas and battery goes down , to almost zero and then back to 13 or an little over. What can cause this?

Wondering if this could be the key and sensor problem. Have tried several other things and problem persists. Noticed that the ignition lock cylinder wires can break, but would it still crank and almost turn over?

I got a brake line replacement and the guy told me he needed to replace all the lines cause they were all rusted out . He charges me for 12 CK* pieces of brake line and and told me I was now safe and would not have another problem. 4 months later my brakes went and the guy says he did 10 KS* this time and now says there is another set that still need doing I was charged $247 the first time and $156 the second time and now am wondering why there are so many pieces of brake lines for this car and why he told me the first time he did them that I would not have to worry again about my brake lines cause they were all set. Is this correct that I need that many lines in this car or am I being taken?

The security warning light comes on most of the time when turning the key to engage the starter. When that happens the key has to be left on for several minutes until the light goes out and the car will start right up. I am guessing the ignition lock is going bad and has to be replaced. I would like to know if there are any other possible causes for this

There is no resistance when you push the latch to open the door. Any idea what the cost to repair may be?

blows fuse i opened air bag,looked at wire in white cyclinder,looked ok,pulled air bag fuse,is there any way I can tell if brush is worn inhorn switch,do I need to replace air bag fuse to close circuit,cant find other horn to check for loose or broken wire,left side horn buuton not working,does it make any difference what side yiu place the clip in the horn switch