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the car would randomly cut off and just spin over the windows would stop then a relay would start clicking then eventually the car won't even turn over just sing cause the doors open
no set pattern.sometimes a transmission shift will cause it to work or even quit.
i have been having hesitation during acceleration and when I'm been going uphill.before it started I have my car to spit,sputter and quit on me with the check engine light on, waited bout 20-30 min.car would start aga...
Cruise does not work is this electrical or in The turn signal handle ?
Car was running totally fine until I went to start it and the motor wouldn't crank and I heard a god awful grinding kind of noise. I don't know how to describe the sound but all my accessories work just fine but car w...
My car alarm goes off at random times. How do I disarm it
Not even sure what to call the but their located reward behind front a frame
replaced right caliper now they fade go 2 the floor
When the dip stick shows already three holes are without oil on it how much will it need