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My Buick recently started dying while idling, and more recently the car has started dying right when I remove my foot from the gas. Also, my battery guage reads below the mid-point some mornings, and the car will not ...
nothing noticable but was told my back tires were chopped
I have a fuel evap code 0442 what is this? I was told purge solenoid? Help...
My lighter in my 1997 buick la sabre went out and wouldnt charge things that i could charge though the port, so i thought id replace it but not to knowledgble to put its replacment back togther. im tryna look for a si...
my car bucks and jumps randomly. Checked vaccum tubes, changed gas cap and sanded down gas filler tube from rust buildup. still smells of gas for 2 days after filling the tank. no noticable gas line or tank leeks. any...
My car was running perfectly until i parked it at work and it will not turn on ,it is not the battery or starter. The security light keeps coming on...is there a reset button on the alarm that I can reset?
never blows out of mid vents
I need to know how many injectors are in this car???
Do I need to support the engine when I remove the lower motor mount bolt and spacer to replace the timing belt?
This is a great car I have had it since 2000. This is the first time that has happened. I suspect the repair man forgot to check it out. <shiminsays@yahoo.com> Sat June 19, 2010
my car didnt wanna start when i just ran to a friends for an hour then came back out and then it didnt wanna start. there was no sound from the starter so i replaced the starter still there was no sound. so what could...
fan on heater or air low and med work when i slide the control to the right. When I get to the high speed there is nothing.Checked all fuses.Is this a relay problem and where would I find the one not working?
my bolts for my rack and pinon mounting bracket broke in half and bottom half is still stuck in bracket or frame can I get the other half of bolt out my self or is it welded in
the transmissiom will not move in revrese or drive
i just had my rear struts replaced. the car seems to rock and bounce. wondering if the air system is working to put air into the new struts.