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vaf,baro map defective vaf defective or dirty,whats all this mean to me
On top of motor next to alternator
Were is the ingition module on a 97 Buick Lasabre 3.8
I just drove the car home (over an hour drive) and turned the car off, awhile later I tryied to start it but it would not run. The car has new spark plugs, new fule pump, and a two year old battery. The igniter works ...
97 Buick LeSabre ,wont shift out of park when cold or intermittent. Is this a shit cable problem or B.T.S.I.solenoid problem ?
I've replaced spark plug, plug wire & coil pack but light won't go off & still reads misfire in cylinder 3. i also have been getting poor gas mileage & my muffler is getting louder
car stalled and would not restart it sat for a couple of weeks tried again and it started right up twice, drove it about a mile it died and had to have it towed home. Replaced the fuel filter and it started but keep d...
My brother locked his keys inside his running car. A friend of his tried his own Buick key in the door and the engine quit running just as he put the key into the keyhole; also now it won't start.
Checked coil pack - fine , crank sensor replaced. When it turns over I hear a little back fire when I turn off key. What could it be? Has my timing chain slipped? Mileage 265,000 miles. Car has been babied, oil...
if you let the car sit and warm up idling for about 2 - 5 minutes, then it will drive. will NOT drive before that. had the tranny flushed and didn't change anything. someone mentioned some sort of pump that may need...